Ireland AM Summer Styles, July 2019: Comfort is Always in Fashion

The summer is hotter than ever this time around. And it’s time for very comfortable clothes to beat the heat. But, wait! That doesn’t mean that you can compromise on style. So, we already have brand new summer styles ready for 2019; styles that are downright casual and super stylish at the same time.

Styles from The Casual Company are playing it cool for women; women of all shapes and sizes; women who have just become mothers or are on their way to become one; women who are skinny or have gained a few pounds. That’s what the brand focuses on, making easy, wearable, stylish apparel.  

Read on for the latest summer looks.


Stylish yet Comfortable Outfits from The Casual Company


#Look 1: The Perfect All-Occasion Dress

The most flattering dress (from The Casual Company) that’ll answer lots of your style questions this summer is a really cool and a fashionable dress that looks great on any body shape. The waistey tell with a soft belt gives it a nice shape. And pleats at the waist give it a look of a skirt. Indeed a very forgiving dress.

It’s the perfect definition of relaxed done perfectly in a stylish way. Choose this dress silhouette and the vibrant print, so you can just throw it on and you’re good to go. It’s a summer dress but is suitable for winters as well.

Pair it with white platform trainers (from Shoe Horn) and you have a perfect good occasion dress. Just the thing you need whether you have to run around kids or at work. You have been rescued and you are welcome.



#Look 2: The Cool Teal Summer Look

The beautiful teal color with the v-neck, the a-line shape, the silver runners—all make it a great look for apple shaped women who carry weight around the middle. The easy look and the v-shaped neckline of the dress (from The Casual Company) make you look taller.

What’s most special about it is that you can wear it pre-pregnancy, during your pregnancy and even post-pregnancy since it’s great for curvy bodies.

Team this easy dress with a pair of silver colored runners from Shoe Horn and you could go shopping or pick your kids from school, if heels are not your idea of casual dressing.



#Look 3: The Casual T-Shirt and Joggers Look

The t-shirts are really having a moment this year. This 100% cotton white t-shirt (from The Casual Company) is your SOS call answered. Wear it for holidays, for a casual day out; wear it with jeans or trousers; wear it with anything, in fact.

But, its perfect match is a pair for rainbow stripe black jogger (from The Casual Company) that well, looks like trousers. They’re comfortable, you don’t have to worry about the creases, they’re different, and well, you guessed it right, the perfect thing to wear to a pride.

And, if you would ask what would be the perfect footwear for it? Mustard leopard sneakers from Shoe Horn, with hidden lace knot, that allows you to just slip your foot right in. Bingo! You’re ready for a perfect casual summer day.



#Look 4: The Billowy Jumpsuit with Minimal Accessories

How about a jumpsuit that doesn’t look like a jumpsuit? Clever, isn’t it? Whether you are going for a music festival or an outing, a billowy tie-up straps jumpsuit (from The Casual Company), with a discrete contemporary silver bar necklace (from Little Things Jewelry) is just the combination you need.

Its’ shape, again, is so very forgiving for middle-heavy body shapes, for curvy women and not just skinny women. Add a pair of lovely pink trainers from Shoe Horn to complete the easy look. But if you are wearing it at night, heels and a cool denim jacket will add an edge to it.


#Look 5: The Relaxed Linen

Since, Meghan Markle has brought linen back into fashion; this look has made it to the list. If you don’t mind the creases that is so typical of linen, the solid white tailored linen blouse and joggers (both from The Casual Company) look is for you.

This is as relaxed as summer fashion can get. The look of the trousers and the comfort of stretchy joggers make them so desirable, and the diamante details make them really dressy. The perfect footwear match would be a pair of sneakers (from Shoe Horn) with diamante detail.



#Look 6: The Polka Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is something you can wear everywhere. Team a pink polka dot shirt dress with a pretty contemporary coin necklace (from Little Things Jewelry) and it’s a perfect “everywhere” dress.

It’s perfect for holidays because this double duty dress can be worn in more ways than one. You can also wear it over jeans and a t-shirt. And it’s ideal if you’ve put on a few pounds post-pregnancy or even if you don’t want to be too hard on yourself.

Go for comfy colorblock platform sandals (from Shoe Horn) in pastel colours to complete the look.



Some Cool Summer Style Tips: 

  • Go for flowy fabrics and easy silhouettes, especially if you have weight around the waist.

  • Cottons and linens are also the best fabrics for the summer. White is just the colour you want.

  • A-line maxi dresses are a great choice for their ability to hide the bulk at the middle and add the optical illusion of height.

  • Runners and sneakers are making a big statement. They go with almost any casual look.

  • Discrete contemporary silver jewelry has made a comeback and goes perfectly with summer dresses.

  • The best looks for the summer ‘19 are simple. So, the idea is to match elegance with simplicity.


 Check out the video below to glance at all the available outfits: