Blogger Claire Balding's Product Review

Blogger Claire Balding's Product Review

Today, blogger and hilarious Instagram influencer Claire Balding (@claire_balding) has given a funny review for our Floral Button Down Midi Dress.
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Today, blogger and hilarious Instagram influencer Claire Balding (@claire_balding) has given a funny review for our Floral Button Down Midi Dress.

The Instagram personality has shared in her Instagram Stories The Casual Comany's dress from the 2018 Autumn-Winter collection.

The dress, pictured below, is available for €45.00, and the blogger was happy to share with her followers how pleasantly surprised she was with it.

With an almost Bohemian floral print and a loose fit, the garment looks flowy and relaxed. The long adjustable sleeves, side pockets and front buttons make the dress even more comfortable and easy to wear and, thanks to the pleated bottom, you will be able to hide all the little imperfections that make you feel so self-conscious about your figure.

(From The Casual Comany: floral button down midi dress)

Claire Balding, who currently has almost 50k followers on Instagram, started sharing her life online over a year ago and managed to make the most out of what she calls her "100's of imperfections".

Scrolling through her Instagram profile, you will notice how she made her honesty her number one strenght and her followers seem to really sppreciate that.

On her one year anniversary on Instagram, Claire, who used to suffer from alopecia and has shared her hair-growth jurney with her followes, posted an extremely heartfelt message, addressing the hate and judgement she used to receive compared to the love that she now receives everyday.

She recalls starting on Snapchat, putting a filter on her pictures - and her life - scared of people's mean and hurtful comments. She has now come a long way and, thanks to her bubbly and funny personality, Claire has made it impossible for anyone to even dare making fun of her. That's one strong woman, right there!

(From Instagram: Claire Balding's 1 year anniversary post)

At The Casual Company we believe in fashion's power to make women feel beautiful and confident and, seeing that Claire was so in love with our dress is just great! All we want is for women to shop for comfortable clothes in a friendly and relaxed environment because there is nothing better than feeling comfortable in your clothes.

Our style can be described as "polished feminine yet comfortable" and seeing so many women post pictures in our clothes on social media only confirms that we succeeded in creating something good for all the ladies out there.

"This is actually quite slimming", Claire said in one of her shoutouts, but what seems to make her really excited about the dress is the fact that she can fit her boobs in it! How can you blame her, what's better than finding a dress that is slimming and actually fits all your curves in it?

As Claire said, The Casual Company's clothes are ideal "for mummies to hide their mummy tummies or beer bellies" like in her case. We love a lady who doesn't take herself too seriously!

(From Instagram: Claire Balding's funny post picturing her in front of empty pint glasses)

We know how much Claire Balding likes our clothes, but what do our customers say about us? The Casual Company has only positive reviews and what people love the most is not only the quality of the materials used, but also how great the customer service is.

Many women every day share on The Casual Company's Instagram page shout-outs and photos wearing our outfits.

From the floral midi dress rocked by influencer Claire Balding, to the Leopard Print Maxi Skirt (€32.00) shared by mum and advocate @mymooandroo, below, the choice is wide and there are hundreds of different products for each style.

(From Instagram: @mymooandroo wearing the Leopard Print Maxi Skirt)

If you like the dress mentioned by Claire, then you should definitely have a look at all the other beautiful dresses that come in different styles, print and colours; from floral prints, to animalier, to simple yet beautiful black dresses, like the Shirt Maxi Dress (€39).

Check out the Dresses and Jumpsuits collection for more beautiful dresses that will enhance your figure and make you feel like the best verion of yourself!