Changing Body Shape After Having Kids

We asked some Irish Mammies how they felt about their changing body shape after having kids - here's what they said...

Who says that you can’t be comfortable while being fashionable too?

Flicking through a magazine or scrolling through Instagram posts has given women the idea that the only way to be stylish and feel glamorous is by wearing clothes that more often than not are restrictive and incredibly uncomfortable. Thankfully for all the women out there, there are still a few brands that are invested in making fashion affordable as well as comfortable for everyone. The Casual Company is one of them and their aim is exactly that: to make every lady feel beautiful without feeling awkward or uneasy.

The “polished feminine yet comfortable” style of their clothes - as they like to define it - is perfect for every woman, in particular new mums. Clothes, in fact, are often the only solution for most women to feel comfortable again after giving birth and, to tell you more about this, we have asked a few new mums what it feels like for some women to find themselves in a changed body and how they learnt to love their new shape.

“It’s quite amazing what my body has done and it’s not going to be the shape it was before” and there is nothing wrong with that!
It’s essential to celebrate women and make them feel special for what their bodies can do; growing life inside of us is a big enough deal and life is too short to worry about people who expect us to get back into shape after a pregnancy.

Irish Mammies Discuss Changing Body Shape After Having Kids

What’s important is to recover our confidence and start loving our bodies again. Our tummy might not be as flawless as it was before and a few curves that weren’t there have now appeared, but those changes made our pregnancy possible and it’s only thanks to them that our babies were born.

Fashion can help women find that confidence, a new blouse or an elegant dress can make you feel more beautiful and confident than you’ve ever felt before and that’s The Casual Company’s mission: “clothes are merely an accessory to the powerful women inside”.

Being a mum is one of the best things in life and, although many consider it a full time job, you should never put your happiness aside. Find clothes that make you feel beautiful again, exercise and eat healthy, but do it for yourself. There’s nothing more rewarding than being happy with ourselves and if some good online shopping can help, then what’s wrong with that?