Comparing Life Before & After Kids

Comparing Life Before & After Kids

Last week we asked some Irish Mammies how much their lives have changed before and after having children and, if you want to hear what they said for yourself, check out the video below!

Having a baby is very often synonymous of a huge life change as many women start identifying themselves as mums more than anything else, putting aside the little things that used to make them happy, like going out over the weekend or shopping for lingerie without having to chase a toddler around the shop.

If you ask them, becoming a mum is the best thing that’s ever happened to them and they wouldn’t trade it for all the gold in the world, however there are some things from their “pre-baby” life that they miss.

“Before having kids I probably lived for my weekend", the first mum says, "I used to go to town a lot", adds another one, but is that really something you have to ditch completely when you have kids?

As these mums explain, going out would mean having to get a babysitter or finding someone to look after their children and, although that's something they can do every now and then, it wouldn't be possible to do it every weekend. Family and friends can help, "my mum or my niece maybe babysit for me", one of the mums says, reminding all the parents out there that, although finding a babysitter might not be easy (nor cheap) you might be able to count on your family, who will be happy to help. Many new-mums miss the time they used to spend with their partner before the children came along then that’s what grandparents and aunties are for!

“I loved kind of getting ready all day on a Friday and Saturday and heading to town to spend the night there" one of the mum says and, although this drastic change in their lives is inevitable and sometimes hard to cope with, having children seems to bring couples closer, according to a statistic published on Fortune.

Although the lack of free time to go out and the missing excitement of staying out till dawn, listen up new-parents, if you squint your eyes you can see the end of this dark tunnel made of dirty nappies and crumbs everywhere and don't forget that, every now and then, you're still allowed to have some fun on a night out. Call your parents, siblings or friends and ask them to look after your children for a few hours while you and your partner go out for a nice meal (and maybe a few drinks!) to relieve some of your stress.

"I'll probably be in bed at 10 o'clock on a Saturday night now" one of the mummies say and, if you ask us, what's better than putting your kids to bed and enjoying a cup of tea and a nice chat with your partner before going to bed?

So, make sure you check out this funny video to hear more of what these Irish mums have to say and don't forget to check out our article "Changing Body Shape After Having Kids" to hear what they have their opinion on post-partum bodies. What is clear from both these interviews is that new-mums are incredibly happy with their new lives as long as these don't involve scarifying themselves too much. It's completely understandable for a young woman to still feel the need to see her friends and dress up nicely for a night out and our mission at The Casual Company is to make that possible for every woman out there.

If you're a mum (or even if you aren't) and you want to feel beautiful on a night out in town with your partner or friends, then The Casual Company's dresses won't disappoint!